Send Free SMS From Laptop/PC to Mobile Phone

Today’s Era Is also Known As SMS Era,Cause Every Where SMS is King.Even illterate People have to read Sms which they receive from Their Telecom Operator Or Bank.

SMS Becomes Popular because of it cost less and take not much time to explain,especially when you have to Send Account Number,Address,Web site Address,Drug Names to Your Friend or sms receiver.

Here,I have Compiled Big List of Site ,From where you can send  free sms from your laptop/pc or from android phone to Mobile Phone.It may helps marketer or person who need to send lots of messages daily to thier clients.There are several websites who provide such a service.all you need to open account in thier sites,which may tooks 2 minutes.

List Of Free SMS Sending Websites :-

You Can Find My FaceBooK PaGe Here.

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