Cheap International Calling From India With NImBuZZ

Hello Readers,Today i came Here with good news,if you are calling your relatives via international call and you live in india.Nimbuzz Launches Cheap International calling for India.Many parents and Business are searches on Google Mostly for a cheap calling card to stay connect with thier childrens,family and relatives.Here you can find cheap calling card service below.

Today India’s Telecom Industry Shocked Up By NimBuZZ.A Messaging service company Nimbuzz came up with cheap International call In India.Nimbuzz Is a first company In India who is going to get benifit from Web Based Calling In India,because Of Relax in telecom legislation.

Nimbuzz is allowing their indian users to buy credit like skype for overseas calls to any overseas number for the first time.They have down their rate 90% compare to other provider.In India,generally most of the companies charged 6.4 INR ($0.10) per min. to call the us ,while Nimbuzz will be charge flat-rate of 0.60 INR ($0.01) per minute,For canada other companies charge 10 INR ($0.16) per Min. and 14 INR ($0.23) per min. to call the UK.

Photo Credit : Nimbuzz 

Vikas Saxena, CEO of Nimbuzz, tells  that the this is master plan to over the game in India’s international calling business. He estimates that the industry in India is worth a cool $1.5 billion.

Nimbuzz has partnered with ISP Spectranet, which  is the exclusive distributor of international calling credit “for now,” and will begin offering credit today, as well as retail vouchers and deals for corporate clients.
Nimbuzz users in India can find full details about international calling on the Spectranet hello ip website
Information Via : NimBuzZ

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