install windows 8.1 and more in lenovo g50-80 freedos

after bought a laptop for friend of mine , i had spent almost 2 hrs to find a way , how to install windows 8.1 in Freedos in lenovo g50-80 which he bought from lenovo i am sharing simple solution.


first of charge your laptop for 3 hrs after you bought it online.

start your laptop using Power on button.

Now before scree appear , you have to press Fn + F2 for 5-10 seconds in order to go to settings.

Now go to second last option (BOOT) in FREEDOS system in order to run boot menu.

Now change priority to Legacy (second option in Boot).

Now go to Exit save changes & save It.your system will be install windows 8.1 .

It’s ¬†simple.


You need a windows OS cd to install windows 8.1.

This is very useful tricks for those who bought up Lenovo g50-80 , Lenovo g40-80 or any other model with freedos,they can easily install windows 8.1 or more using this method.thanks to this youtuber.

I have followed this youtube videos to install windows 8.1 in FREEDOS.

Link : Youtube video


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