fake cctv cameras in india ,dummy cctv cameras price

fake cctv cameras in india ,dummy cctv cameras price


Many people nowadays buy cctv cameras for office & home security automation.security is important requirement in office,factory,home and even though in a temples too.if you are planning to buy cctv cameras online or you can’t afford to buy cctv cameras online than you can try fake cctv cameras or you can say DUMMY CCTV CAMERAS to  protect your home.

fake cctv cameras
image : amazon india

Fake CCTv Cameras pricing in india

fake cctv cameras easily available in india anywhere in local market as well as online.prices of dummy cctv cameras in india starts from Rs.145 and it goes upto rs.400 which is highest.if you can’t afford original cctv cameras than i advice you to buy fake cctv cameras from amazon india,

You can easily buy cheap dummy cctv cameras online in india from biggest e-commerce site in india,amazon.go thorugh below link and buy one for your need.

Buy Now  – Rs.349


if you plan to buy fake cctv cameras just for use 5-7 days or a for few hours than i recommend to buy this very cheap cameras – cheap  Dummy Cctv cameras even though many people recommend this cheap  fake cctv camera and have also good reviews on amazon.


Why people buy fake CCTV cameras?

when i came to know about dummy cctv cameras ,i was also thinking the same , why someone buy cheap dummy cctv cameras and i found below answers.

  • you can Install cheap fake  cctv quickly and easily to the ceiling or wall using the included screws
  • No wiring required for dummy cctv cameras. it may Works with 2 x AA Size Batteries (Not Included)
  • Protect your homes, shops and business 



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