CRED app review : Get reward for credit card payment via CRED app

if you are using credit card alot or into job which requires lot of travelling and self booking than you are most welcome to first of its kind app in India named CRED app founded by Kunal Shah .

Cred app gives reward 2 ways to users for paying credit card payment via their apps.

cred app

A. Refer peoples to CRED app and earn GEMS

B. Get CRED points on payment and later use it for some vouchers or subscription of some services(worth It)

How to get access to CRED & Eligibility criteria?

  • CRED app is founded by Freecharge founder mr.kunal shah and one of the most trustworthy app that rewards you for paying credit card bill.
  • to be eligible for CRED app . your Credit score must be higher than 750 or more .
  • Below 750 credit score people have to join waitlist for CRED app.

top reasons to choose CRED App

  1. Cred app check Experian credit report and credit score via CRIF in your email which make it legit credit card payment app in india.
  2. you get bonus point equal to  your experian credit report score.i got approx 875 points.
  3. CRED app points are equal to your credit card bill amount you pay.
  4. CRED Scan must check feature which provides a detailed analysis of your past credit card payment and credit utilization behavior for 6 months, 12 months and 24 months.
  5. You can make a Credit card payment through CRED app using G pay app which also helps you get G pay voucher.i am using this method signup for G Pay check this post :- G Pay sign up
How to Sign up for CRED app ?
2. Give access to everything they ask as cred app is trustworthy.
3. Now you can pay bills via UPI , debit card and netbanking.

I redeemed CRED points for use 1 month healthyfyme app premium plan worth ₹500 and another time refer my 2 friends and get ₹500 flipkart voucher which I redeemed to buy copper water bottle.

i bought this beautiful copper water bottle after refer 2 of my friends to CRED.

bought from CRED app points

Cred app interface is so good , you can get real rewards and you can get detailed statement of all your credit card at one place.
i love this credit card bill payment app , so sharing this with you.


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