PaniPuri : As a Food and Business

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                   Today I come here with new idea on Mind,One of the fine day i was searching on google just for a fun and reading post on innovative business success story.I read story about Chatar-Patar and NRI PANIPURI.In Which NRI Panipuri is started by Ahemadabad based Company Arvind Industries and they have invested near about 6 crore rupees in this business.They are involved in textile Business since decades,now they Involved in Panipuri Business.This seems Awesome and Pressured me to think,why they Choose Panipuri As a Business. >What Is a PaniPuri ?
                            PaniPuri is one of the famous food In Asian Countries and Foodie loves it so much in India,especially Indian Womans.As Per WikiPedia,it consists of a round, hollow puri, fried crisp and filled with a mixture of flavored water (“pani”), tamarind chutney, chilichaat masala,potato, onion and chickpeas. It is generally small enough to fit completely into one’s mouth.
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                           After This day,i have visited nearest Panipuri Stall Near My Home as i always love street Food.I Ask Panipuriwalas,how much it cost to buy 100 nos. of panipuri Pack,He answered,35 Rs.I accumulate  cost of Masala,a mixture of Boiled potato and Grams.After total calculation,i reach on a result,average panipuri cost you 55 paisa.which you may sell at 1 INR.This means Panipuri walas Earn 4.5 Inr Per sale.This is a great business,if you experiment with some innovations and new falvours. Buy modafinil online
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How Much It Cost to start PaniPuri Business?
To Start Panipuri Business,You Need Following items to Start.I have also mentioned Cost.
3*2 Size Stall – 3500/- INR
8 Nos. Vessels – 1600/- INR
Marketing Banner – 300 INR
Facebook Page   – FREE
Blogspot Blog    – FREE
Stock Of Food Items :
1000 Puris for Making Panipuris – 350/- INR
2 KGS Potato                            – 40/- INR
1 KGS Grams                             – 50/- INR
Masalas and Flavours                   – 200/- INR
What Innovation You Can Do with PaniPuri Business?
  • Offer More Puris than other seller on special days by organising contest.
  • Offer Free panipuri on Launching.
  • Make different types panipuris flavour than other.
  • Give customer royalty Points and offer free puris to special customer.
  • Give Discount pass to Students and Kitty party groups.
  • Give Free panipuris to Facebook Fan Of the Week.
Panipuri Flavours ::
                          Regular Chataka
                          Hara Pudina
                          Hajma Hajam
                          Adrak masala
                          Nimboo masala
                          Live Lasoon
                         Meetha puri
Name Of Panipuri – StateWise
Name                                              Region
Gol gappa, Water balls…………New Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Jharkhand, Bihar, Pakistan
Pani ke bataashe……………….Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh
Panipuri……….. ………………..Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu
Phuchka……….. ………………..Bangladesh, West Bengal (India)
Gup chup……… ………………..Chhattisgarh, Odissa
Pakodi… …………………………….Gujarat
Phulki ……………………………..Madhya Pradesh
Who Can Do Panipuri Business ?
Any Person who is intrested to this business,any blogger who is working at home,any employee of the mnc can do this.You just need a person who can manage this and you have to invest 7500-15000 INR.
Why You Have to start this Business?
This business is growing very fast in terms of Sales.There Is No Brand In this Business,so you have to start today and get your chances to be rank top.profit behind this business is motivation for all.In Every Indian City,if you observe,you may seen every Panipuriwalas Earn On average 500-700 INR by selling panipuris on a Street Stall.You have never read such a article ago,if you satisfied than share and don’t remember to comment your views on this business.
                         Start this business in your and Pull good profit and gave employment to those who need,you can ask me and Contact me for any Help.I will help you without any charges.

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