Quick checklist before you start your journey

All of you know, nowadays people have to travel to much compare 90`s. Some one have to travel for company, some one going to visit exhibition from one state to another, someone going for study and some people have to travel for Business. I am one of them….so I have create a quick check least for all of you.

Please check and Pack all this before you start your journey.it may helps you save money and time while traveling.

1. toothpaste
3.tongue cleaner
4.shampoo pouch
5. Sample pack of soap
6.mobile charger and handsfree
8.towel for bath
9. Handcare chief
10.cloth for daily wear and seasonal
12.shocks, shoes and slipper
13 paper Handcare chief
14.paper soap
15.shaving kit
16.body spray
17.atar or perfume
19.hair gel or hair oil
20.facepack or facewash
21.usb data cable and pen drive if you need
22.shorts or night track pant
23.some tees for wearing while traveling
25.knife to cut fruits
26.dry snacks
27 mineral water bag or jar

28.photo I’d original as a proof of Indian

And finally one thing comes to my mind after reading so many books and following my friends Facebook group bookwritten is

A best friend – – books to spend time in travelling

I have prepared this list after traveling 30000 kms only during 2014.i have travelling almost 8-9th various Indian States as  a part of my job. You can comments below if I forgot any thing in my travelling checklist.

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