How to signup with Amazon as a seller,online selling in india

Are you ready to start your first business online?
Are you  too young,and don’t have money to start Business?

You can easily start selling online in india with very little investments with your friends.You can sell any products ranging from books,ballpen,fashion apprales,mobiles,handycrafts or any thing else which is allowed by india goverment.

Legal Requirement to sell online india

1.You Need a firm pan card,Vat No and GST No.
2.You don’t need any office,you can run it from home too.
3.For getting firm pan card and VAT No ,GST No ,you need a shop act license from Muncipalty for that you need rent aggrement or document of property.

Cost of Starting Online Business on Amazon,Flipkart,Paytm

1. Cost of Getting ShopAct License in India

Getting shopact anywhere in india merely cost you between Rs.250 to Rs.500 depend on muncipalty.Some where give bribes to do your work fast.(Not recommended)

2.Firm Pancard 

Getting firm pan card is very easy For Firm pancard you need rubberstamp with your firm name and pancard may cost you approx rs.200 if you apply through agents.

3.Rent Aggrement / Partnership Deed 

For Rent aggrement you have to spent approx Rs.250 for advocate and rs.100 for stamp paper.same cost applies for partnership total you need to pay Rs.700 for both.

4.VAT No. & CST No Cost in india for Online Businesses

For Vat No ,government offical needs challan of Rs.25000 and for CST challan amount is Rs20000/- and you need to pay approx Rs.5000-8000/- to vat cst consultant for all this process.

After getting all above document now you are eligible to become seller with all india’s leading e-commerce site like paytm seller,amazon seller,flipkart seller.

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