delete facebook account immediately without waiting for 14 days

Do You want to Be productive ? than delete facebook now ,i have just deleted .

This guide is helpful for those who want to be productive or addicted to social media site facebook.i found this guide after searching a lot and try this method on my fb account .i have successfully deleted my facebook account without waiting for 14 days.
Steps to delete facebook account without waiting for 14 days
1.Go to facebook web using your laptop or pc.than go to account settings on left hand side .
after that remove your associate mobile number with facebook in order to delete facebook account.
Now RemoveĀ “Trusted contacts” also .
Disable “code generator ” to delete facebook account.
Uninstall your Facebook app from all your mobile and tablets.
Now you need a disposable E-mail id for delete facebook account immediately forever.
Top 5 Disposable E-mail services
10 Minute MailĀ 
20 Minute Mail

Before delete your facebook account , kindly transfer all your facebook pages to your any other e-mail address or to your friend in order to use it for future. Valium 2 mg
Now add Disposable E-mail id to your facebook account.make your previous mail id to secondary and than delete it.
Now change password of your facebook account to too lengthy so no one can access.make fb password like “idonotneedfacebookfor$$$” do not save your facebook password to notepad or any whereBy the way, don’t use Sticky Notes, there’s a way to recover a sticky note even if you close them).
Don’t forget to select “Log out of all devices”.
After changing your password , go to…and submit your account for permanent deletion. You will have to enter your random password to confirm. Just copy-paste it.
By now your disposable mail should have expired. You have effectively lost all access to your account and there is no way to recover it. How to buy xanax bars
Close Notepad. Don’t save it.
Clear your browsing history and cache, cookies etc. just in case.
Restart to your computer to clear your clipboards.
NOW YOU ARE FREE!Live your life without facebook and fullfill all your a hardwork.
I hope this helps.
Note: The Disposable Mail that I have mentioned was feature on LifeHacker (Disposable email addresses with 10 Minute Mail ) and so it is safe to assume that it isn’t a security risk.

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