start import export business in india as a student

start import export business in india as a student


if you are a college going students in india and plans to start your own business in spare time than you come up with options like import export business, blogging,vlogging or mlm or product selling.despite all the option import export business is very lucrative & good way to make money for long term.research says that most of profitable business exists in the world are based on foreign trade.

Ways to import products from china in india as a student 

there are two ways to import from china or any other country in india as a student.
1.Import using IEC
2.Import without IEC using Courier

Import using IEC

In this process you need pan card, current bank account and photographs in order to getting Import export code in india.if you plan for long run and want to be professional importer or exporter in india than this is very good option.many college going students in indian metro city earning lots of cash via importing and exporting.all you need to do is find a quality customer for export or products to import.

How Much It cost to Get IEC In india as a student?

Getting IEC in india is very easy and doesn’t take more than 48 hrs.its completely online process to get import export code.You need current bank account which may cost you Rs.1000 to Rs.10000 for opening bank account.
You need digital signtaure certificate which may cost Rs.600 for 2 years from reputed agency Like Emudhra.
You have to pay Rs.500 online using credit ,debit card or NEFt to DGFT  as a IEC fees.
total cost is 600+500 = Rs.1100

you don’t need to renew IEC ,it’s like pan can import any thing using your IEC.
You can also export anything Using IEC.

Import without IEC using Courier

This  is good for student as there is no need of too much legal can import anything worth Rs.5000 using courier mode many people import from big chinese website using this method.

If you want to be importer or exporter as a student and want to get deep knowledge than i recommend this books to read thrice and more.

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