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Hello Friends, Thanks for visitng my latest post regarding Champcash honest Review. Few months back I came across this app by my friend , In order to get more information I went to Mr. Google , But all I could find is articles giving champcash tricks asking people to install softwares and make money. So I taught I will write an article myself after trying the app. I am glad to say that I have tried the App and yes this app has great potential to earn you some good amount of money. Read my complete Champcash review/ guide as I will make you understand what is champcash, How can you make money and why isn’t Champcash (Android only) yet another internet scam(up to this point) .

What is Champcash and How does it work?

You must be wondering how this app works, Their business model is simple. As Lakhs of Users sign up to their app, They get in contact with the advertisers and provide them adspace. Most of the companies will be willing to advertise because the app has many users. So Champcash gives a small share to its users, More the users more money champcash gets. Thus More money a user can make by referring the app to others.

Also it pays its users if they shop through the app on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. Again very simple, The E-commerce websites pays Champcash certain commission for getting consumers to shop and that commission is shared by Champcash with its Users as and when they Shop. Heavy online shoppers can Save quite a lot from this. All you have to do is download the app, register, enter referrer id, complete challenge and start earning by referring to others( entire process is explained step by step below)p

Also,the App is available for all countries after the recent update. They pay through mobile recharge and direct transfer. For unternational users the payment is through Paypal.

Now since you have understood what this app is all about I will explain the step by step procedure to join and earn money on Champcash, Also give a nice Strategy to get more referrals and in turn more money!

Step by Step Guide to Install and Start Earning on Champcash

  • Step 1 : Download the app through this link or go to Android Playstore and search for ‘Champcash’ , once you find the app go ahead and install the app. I have attached a pic below so the you download the correct app.
  • Step 2 : Open the installed Application and then you will shown a screen to register. You can register using your Gmail account, Also you will have to provide your phone number so that they confirm that you are a real user, This will help them prevent misuse of the App.
  • Step 3 : Okay cool, you have now registered and become a member of Champcash, Now you have ‘enter the Refer Id sponsor‘ as ‘2330844‘ without doing this you cannot proceed. Once you have entered it you can start with the challenge.
  • Step 4 : After you enter the referral will be prompted to accept the challenge, This challenge is nothing but installing a few apps and running them for few minutes(generally 6 to 8 apps) . Once you have accepted the challenge you will be taken to a page where you can install the necessary Apps as per instructions, Make sure you read the instructions while installing each App. I have given example picture below,


  • Step 5 : As you see in the image below you will shown a list which will have a few apps, All you have to do is install the app and run then them for a few minutes as given in instructions. You should do it through Champcash in order to validate your progress.


  • Step 6 : Once you have completed the challenge(I am repeating this again, please make sure you have followed the instructions carefully), you will be greeted with a Congratulations message and also will receive $1 for just spending a few minutes completing the challenge, Not only that you get access to your referrer Id in your Dashboard after the challenge completion, This is the key to earn money in this app. All you have do is make other people join the app through your id and see to it that they complete their challenge so that you can receive your commission. You can find your 7 digit refer ID on your Home screen.

How Can I multiply my earnings in this App

Okay so so far you have Got $1 and a Refer Id and you are all set to earn from this, Lets look at some ways through which you can Multiply you Earnings.

  • Earn By Referring this App to other People
    Simple and easy, Make more people join this app under you. All you have to keep in mind is that you have to give your referrer ID to them, So that when they install and use the App they will come other your downline. You can invite them through Whatsapp, Email or text messages though the app. Coming to the best Part, This pays you for seven Levels. Below is a simple picture illustrating what it means.
    Champcash referralWhat the above picture means, In simple terms you will receive 50% from your direct referrals and the chain continues up to seven levels!


  • Earn by Downloading Apps
    As the headline says, You can keep downloading fresh apps and earn incremental income but I suggest you to work on getting more referrals, You certainly download apps when you really need an app which is there in the list. But if you want to earn more then you should focus on getting more people under you.


  • Earn While shopping online
    Do you shop often on Amazon, Flipkart , Snapdeal, Shopclues etc?
    Then you can earn around 2% – 7% of what you spend there depending on the item you purchase. All you have to do is go to the ‘Shop & Earn ‘ Section of the Champcash app, There you will have various E-commerce platforms. You can go to the one through which you want to buy, You will directed to the respective website/ App, Once the transaction is complete you will earn the money( Please follow the instructions properly)

Strategy to get More referrals

  • As I have said before if you really want to earn then you will have to Get more referrals, Now that is not as easy as it sounds. Here are a few Champcash tricks & tips for you to get some Referrals


  • Start with your friends as their the most likely to use this app, Since they will surely have a smartphone and also you can guide them step by step, Also make sure they input your refer ID.


  • The next source is family relatives, you can easily then them messages through Whatsapp or email wherever your relatives and make them download the app. Make them aware of the benefits of the app


  • The next source are social media Platforms Like facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. First build a nice amount of friends/ followers in each platform and then Inform them about the App.


  • You can Also run Ad campaigns on PTC websites as these are likely people to download apps for money. Google/ facebook Ads are very costly and hence not recommended. But Ads on PTC websites are very cheap.


  • This step is a bit difficult, Open a free blog on blogspot/ WordPress/ weebly and start promoting The app. constantly updating it with content as and when you achieve milestones. But you can to work hard to make them rank on google without that it will be a waste


  • Join Online make money forums and spread the message or start a new thread about the App.
  • Finally whenever you come across new connections, make it a point to tell about the app!

How much can you earn from this?
According to the creators of the app it is unlimited, well that is not possible because eventually this model won’t last for decade. I would say if you can get anything greater than 200 direct referrals then you have chances of earning between $100 to $1000, You earning is directly linked to your ability in getting referrals, Follow the tips above in order to get many referrals. I repeat do not fall for Champcash tricks like getting unlimited referrals through bluestacks and other softwares. It simple doesn’t work as all this is instantly detected by them leading to suspension of your account.

Is Champcash Yet another MLM Scam?

Well it is kind of multi level marketing scheme but since they have other things like shop & earn in their business Model it looks OK to me. Moreover Champcash is celebrating its one year in business as I am writing this article, Hence so far so good. My Policy is simple, As you have nothing to pay upfront in order to be a member nor you need to pay a single dime even at the later stage, so it is completely free which makes the app a no Loss in my opinion.
The worst things that can happen is that they stop paying out people, I will update the article when that moment comes. But up to now champcash is not a scam but a completely legitimate company.


I have been using this for quite some time now, I being credited for shopping offers and my Affiliates. The app so far has not denied any payment which is a good sign. Also,  they will be launching Surveys and Offerwalls soon, This will increase the earning opportunities for everyone around the world. Since there is nothing to lose, The app at this stage is highly recommended.


I conclude my Champcash review saying is a great earning opportunity for people who are looking to make some cash online, Put in a little effort in getting referrals and you are good to go. Be aware of the changes and cashout regularly, You post your good/ bad experiences in the comments section, It will be very helpful for people who want to join the app. I repeat as I said earlier don’t download a wrong app which is spelled as Chamcash or anything of that sort. So all I can say is that make use this opportunity till it lasts. If you want to earn from home refer to my other articles below,

I hope this article gave you all the information you were looking for,Subscribe to my blog so that you can get an email when I post about new work from home opportunities. Trust me, I have a lot more articles comping up. Also please share this article and spread the word!

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