online offline Autopilot money making ideas with example

Online offline Autopilot money making ideas with example

Today i come up with autopilot money making ideas , so this post will be going to lengthiest blog post ever i written as i am spending lots of time to find out ways for creating autopilot business , blog , apps and lot more. when ever i meet any of my friend , i ended up discuss with autopilot ideas and ways to make money in autopilot mode either online or offline . i will share my knowledge here , yet i have not built any autopilot business till dat but failed many times .


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recently i have discussed this idea with Mr. Kamal Bhaliya , a domainer from Mahuva , Gujarat who is 10th Pass but built portfolio of 650 domain names and other online businesses.He is investing in Domain names to earn money  in autopilot .in today’s autopilot money making ideas series i will try to tell as many ideas as i could.

Ways to Make money in Autopilot mode (offline & Online Both)

  1. Share Market ( Value Investing) 

I have read many people over quora who claims that they have earned nice income using some stragtegy or long term value investing .to dive in this trade you must need a money and knowledge of share market otherwise you will end up loosing your capital .
Eg.People who have invested money approx rs.57000  during 2000 in Eicher Motors instead of Buying Royal Enfield now able to Buy Rolls royce .You can’t believe but it’s possible.if not than search in google.
Here , Money Works for you.

2. Buliding Android/ IOS app Empire

People Like Chad Mureta of App Empire is example of success in android app business.He even doesn’t know single line of coding even though built huge app empire which afford him luxurious life style.Do you remember his app “EMOJI” . App devlopers are always looking for autopilot money making ideas to be a overnight billionare .
One of my friend also earning $15 per day since last 69 days with his tiny app which is related Sher , Shayri and messages .he has only 18000 users .(don’t ask me for his app link :p)
for building successful app you don’t need a experiance in coding or huge investment. all you need is powerful idea . built app which is used by people on daily basis .successful tech product doesn’t need any marketing cost , example is WHATSapp app .
So , Start Building your IDEA .

3. Rental properties / Restaurant / Resort 

i have seen many people with such a business models especially in  my country india . People with lots of money built hotels , keep a manager and few other employees , install CCTV cameras and each month earns huge money without any involvement .Airbnb can be good option to start making money in autopilot by renting your home or rooms.
Hotel industry is booming and people loves to travel is the key success factor behind all this autopilot business idea of Rental properties.Model of rental properties sometimes changed like giving your properties on rental to banks , ATM or as a office space. in many parts of india , people give rental space for marraige and bankvet hall or festival celebration.
If you have lots of money than dive in this business.

4.Running Autopilot websites / blog 

Have you ever seen this coupon code website www.rabbata.sethey make tons of money each month in their country by sharing their affiliate link via coupon code ralated to electronics ,mobile ,computer and thousand other products. Same example is in india which makes tons of money via affiliate marketing of amazon , flipkart and Google adsense by sharing mobile reviews and coupon codes.they have everything almost on autopilot for making money by sharing information.

I have seen so many people who makes money by running Niche webiste related single or multiple product with amazon , aliexpress and flipkart. Most of them uses plugin to post coupon codes automatically via feeeds. all of them earns 0.5-1% of sales as a commission.

If you want to runs sites based on content only than wittyfeed is great example with small team.what they do is create content in viral niches and share them over social media using paid and free method.most of them are depends upon Adsense and affiliate earning. students choose this types autopilot site business for making money on autopilot as it does’nt need huge investment initially.

5. Franchise Business

businessman takes Franchise of big brands to make money on autopilot .franchise business have great potential of earning for investors without much more involvement . have you ever seen multiplex ? most of them runs by staff like managers and other staff .investors takes risk and earns huge money .this topic is part of autopilot money making ideas .

Most of the fastest growing franchise business models are in entertainment , Food , Hotels , Automative and fashion or electrnics segment related .

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