How to start selling online in India easily ?

How to start selling online in India easily?

I am writing this blog post after very long time and i recently resigned my job (Marketing Executive ) , Now i joined business along with my brother and started my very own E-commerce store.I start selling online those product which is my brother selling in our Physical store based Keshod. i am sharing few tips which may helps to my friends ,followers and those who want to be Paytm Seller , Amazon seller or e-commerce seller in india.

many youth across india wants to be internet enterpreneur , ecommerce seller to fulfill their dreams , live livelyhood or any other reason.i remember that back in 2014 during my first job , i was selling peanuts online on Ebay to earn some extra money online.i was making huge profit in those days .

to become a online seller in india , You need GST Number and Current Bank account only.I am also amazon Seller .
One of my friend take my help for getting GST number , so i contacted Mr.Agam Gupta of Hubco who helped us getting GST number only at Rs.1600+ .I recommend them as they are very fast and customer friendly.

After Getting GST number my friend opened current bank account in a State Bank Of india which is pocket friendly and economically also good.opening a current bank account cost you only Rs.1000 in rural india and in city it my cost only rs.5000

You can start selling online in India as a 1 hour/day work too .One of my friend who lives in a Shergadh Village near Keshod is doing the same.He is selling mobile accessories only on Ebay India and making Rs.20k each month.he share many success of his with me .one of his cousin brother is Super seller in Ebay Australia and he teaches lots of to Us.

You can easily start online selling business in india with 20000 Rs in hand,i will also suggest products to you.
To find out suppliers for products for online selling , go to indiamart or google search and will end up with multiple suppliers for your products.I am also sharing some Points to start online selling in india easily.

Find only those products which is light weight .Ie.below 250 grams like mobile accessories
Find products which may have less chance of return from buyer.
FInd only products which may have less leagl issue.(avoid food items to sell online if your are new)
Find products which is easy to source and ship from nearby suppliers.
Find those products which is highly profitable and priced very low , i mean below Rs.1000
Find products which may you can get easily in your brand , like Socks ,kitchen ware items,hardware etc..
Find only those products which may have more than 12 or 24 months shelf life.
Find non electric items to avoid returns.
Use cheapest and fastest courier to avoid returns or delay in payment from ecommerce sites.
Find new products which is not available or internet or have less competition.
Find catagory special site like Koovs for Fashion ,lenskart for Spec.
Find supplier who can customize and supply you products in low volume and in your brand.
Get trademark for your brand and list all your products on all e-commecrce site as much as you can.
Hot products to Sell Online In India easily:

1.corrugetted box in various sizes (Tips : Find a local manufacturer , ask them price for 1000 pcs ,negotiate and order)
2. Courier Bags
3. Gas Lighter (wholesale price starts from Rs.9 )
4. Ro system & Accessories ( Contact me p:) )
5. Mobile accessories (Iphone accessories top targeted)
6. All types Cover for protection (Mobile Cover , Tv Cover , Water Puirifier cover ,washing machine cover)
7. All types stand ( LED Tv Stand , washing machine stand , freedge stand , gas stove trolly)
8. Find trending products like spinner
9. Shoes . clothes , sarees
10. Hardware products like , bathroom hardware ,kitchen hardware etc..{most profitable niche}
11. selling home made handicraft products if you have any or can source from anywhere.

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