Today is my birthday

Dear Friends ,

Today i am turning 27 and i am writing this post after very long time.Thanks a lot to all of you , because i am here because of all of you and writing this .i have recently resigned my job after getting lots of experiance in marketing i run my own business as a e-commerce seller with Ebay , Amazon and plans to expand business worldwide next year.many times i share my experiance about life,work and hacks to grow your sales .
what i have done today on my 27th birthday ?
I wake up as usual and get up ready to go for work after taking bath and breakfast.
One thing i done today was visited nearby Temple and prayed God.which i perform on my every birthday or any occassion.
comes to home for a lunch,then go to home for a dinner and party with family one know around me about my birthday.another thing i feel good was that few of my close friends and their wives wished me birthday over whatsapp group , so i feel really good.
I sold my one of profitable products over ebay .i am so happy that my online business is growing.
i have also played good romantic songs over , you can use my affiliate code to get 1 month free Gaana subscription , code is
5 Things i learned in 27 Years :
1. try to be polite as much as you can ,most japanese school teaches to student to stay calm.
2. Learn New skill : start learning new skill as early as you can , my brother can repair so many types home appliances since he was 15.
3. learn new language : If you have grip on any foreign language than you will feel good and have chance to grow fast than of my friend who is japanese interpreter making 70k each month just for communication.
4. Learn to speak : In whatever position you work , you need to talk with lots of people in this times , so learn to speak with intellegency , read more,speak more.
5.Do not spend hard money blindly behind education : i honestly speak that do not spend your parent;s hard earned money behind education.
Before turning 27 , i completed one of my long term goal and that was to Start my own business .Late Dr.Abdul Kalam many times told in his speech , “Be a Employeer ,Not a Employee” .

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