Cred app payment hacks to get more rewards

Cred app payment hacks to get more rewards

Cred is a credit card payment app founded
By freecharge app founder Kunal shah,who believes in innovation in tech.
Cred app provides easy and hassle free credit card payment using UPI,Net banking as a payment gateway.
When you pay your credit card payment using cred app, you get some coins and rewards.if you refer 3 of your friends ,you gets ₹1000 Amazon voucher also.


Join Cred app here (affiliate link ) :Download Cred App

Ways to get more rewards when you pay your credit card bill using Cred app :-
1.Use google payment app GPay on cred app to get some rewards or coupon at Gpay to get offers.i personally earned ₹11-₹50 using this tricks.
2.Always pay your credit card payment in small amount parts like ,1st payment -₹1000,second payment -₹1001 like that to get more coins at cred app.
3.Pay your credit card payment on Cred app after 12.00 o clock midnight as cred app coins and reward chances go high. can also use Amazon pay UPI as sometimes they run offers.once upon i earned ₹50 using this method.
5. after paying credit card payment in small amounts, you will get 1000/5000 coins on cred which you can redeem for money.i mostly use this method and single redeem gives me ₹9 -₹11 mostly.

How CRED App makes money?

Kunal Shah owned CRED is currently not earning a single rupee as it’s just developing their products and partnering with many brands to grow their business.they are currently trying to get more visibillity and giving lots of rewards and coins to their user.

Cred has also launched their UPI in january 2020 to grow their market in all over india.UPI is working very well and user friendly.