Get free bitcoin worth Rs.100 on CoinDcx

Get Free Bitcoin worth Rs.100 after 30 Days on CoinDcx

As Many of you know that , i am avid crypto currency followers as well as into crypto investment.i share free bitcoin related tips when ever new platform or apps launched.this way i have earned crypto worth Rs.4500 till date and i keep all this free bitcoin in my wallet and never sell them , this way my investment value also increasing day by day.

i remember ,when i get my first free bitcoin from Zebpay Referral in 2014 and i was on cloud 7 after that. i suggested many of my friends and known to invest at that time .crypto investment is full of risk ,but you can’t believe many students and many techies made lots of money out of it.even latest news says that crypto will be legal in All american banks shortly.

Step by step guide  to get free Bitcoin worth ₹100 on CoinDCX :

And voila! ₹100 worth of free Bitcoin will be credited immediately.

Note: You can only redeem ₹100 through any one coupon code. Multiple codes cannot be used by a single user.

Your free Bitcoin will remain locked for a period of 30 days.You can withdraw minimum Rs.500 on CoinDCX.

You need to do one deposite of minimum Rs.100 on CoinDCX to get free bitcoin worth Rs.100 and it will be locked for 30 days minimum.CoinDCX is also promoted by TVF in youtube videos and it’s a largest crypto platform in india.
Huobi ,Okex and Binance is partner in the Crypto Platform started by Sumit Gupta.CoinDcx is based in Singapore